Weaver Special Rigs, Bait Threaders and Harnesses

Mini Latch

Our live bait and plastic threader is famous on many East Coast waters. On live bait it allows a fisherman to rig a minnow with a snelled hook without harming the minnow (see pictures).  For plastic or rubber bait it allows the fisherman to rig or dress-up any style bait (see pictures).

Number Size Pricing
#ML1 Small $3.75
#ML2 Large $4.30
#ML3 X-Large $5.70
#ML1-A Small w/ Clip $3.85
#ML2-A Large w/ Clip $4.75
#ML4 Red & Yellow w/o Clip $7.75
Instructions For Properly Using The Mini-Latch

Fishing In Current, Drifting, Trolling
Step 1: Open Latch
Step 2: Push In Mouth and Out Vent

Step 3: Put On Snelled Treble Hook, Close
Latch, Pull Mono Back Through Bait

Step 4: Unhook Latch and Your Bait Is Ready,
Attach To Line

Still Fishing, Ice Fishing
Step 1: Open Latch
Step 2: Push In Mouth and Out Gill Opening

Step 3: Put On Snelled Treble Hook, Close
Latch, Pull Mono Back Through Bait

Step 4: Unhook Latch, Stick One Of The Treble
Hooks Through Fleshy Tail. Attach To
Line. Cast Bait With Care

These Steps Can Also Be Used For Plastic Bait
How To Dress, Soft Plastic With Living Rubber

Step 1: Open Latch
Step 2: Push Through Plastic
Step 3: Place Line On Latch Hook, Close
Latch, Pull Back Through Bait

Step 1: Use Smal Yellow Plastic Latch (PL1)
Step 2: Open Latch And Push Through Plastic
Step 3: Cut Looped End Of Rubber

*Also Used To Rig Live Minnows And Other Baits

Crawler/Minnow Rig

This rig allows the fisherman to adjust the Top Hook for different lengths and types of bait.

One Rig/Pack Two Rigs/Pack Hook Weight Pricing
#CMS141 #CMS14 #8 1/4 oz $1.45/$2.25
#CMS121 #CMS12 #8 1/2 oz $1.45/$2.25
#CMS341 #CMS34 #8 3/4 oz $1.45/$2.25
#CML141 #CML14 #4 1/4 oz $1.45/$2.25
#CML121 #CML12 #4 1/2 oz $1.45/$2.25
#CML341 #CML34 #4 3/4 oz $1.45/$2.25

Floating Rig

This is another unique rig, which gives you the option to have your bait on the bottom, or suspended off the bottom at the level of your choice.

Number Hook Weight Color Pricing
FRS14-R 8 1/4 oz Flo Red $2.25
FRS12-R 8 1/2 oz Flo Red $2.25
FRS34-R 8 3/4 oz Flo Red $2.25
FRS14-4-R 4 1/4 oz Flo Red $2.25
FRS12-4-R 4 1/2 oz Flo Red $2.25
FRS34-4-R 4 3/4 oz Flo Red $2.25
FRS14-Y 8 1/4 oz Flo Yellow $2.25
FRS12-Y 8 1/2 oz Flo Yellow $2.25
FRS34-Y 8 3/4 oz Flo Yellow $2.25
FRS14-4-Y 4 1/4 oz Flo Yellow $2.25
FRS12-4-Y 4 1/2 oz Flo Yellow $2.25
FRS34-4-Y 4 3/4 oz Flo Yellow $2.25

Spinner Harness

When you need to attract fish to your bait, this spinner harness gets the job done. The combination of colors plus single or double blades give you the options you need. It’s also good for trolling or casting and retrieving.

Hook #4 Hook #1/0 Color Pricing
SH1NR SH1NR10 Single nickel blade/Red tubing $2.40
SH1RR SH1RR10 Single flo red blade/Red tubing $2.40
SH1YG SH1YG10 Single flo yel blade/Green tubing $2.40
SH1YY SH1YY10 Single flo yel blade/Yel tubing $2.40
SH2NR SH2NR10 Double nickel blade/Red tubing $2.75
SH2RR SH2RR10 Double flo red blade/Red tubing $2.75
SH2YG SH2YG10 Double flo yel blade/Green tubing $2.75
SH2YY SH2YY10 Double flo yel blade/Yel tubing $2.75

Sliding Minnow Rig

If you use 2″ to 12″ bait, this rig will do the job. Bottom hook is a treble; the top hook is a sliding hook/ treble or single.

Number Hook Pricing
#SMR8 #8 $1.50
#SMR6 #6 $1.50
#SMR4 #4 $1.50
#SMR2 #2 $1.50
#SMR2/0 #2/0 $1.50

June Bug Spinners

These spinners have been around for a long time. They let the fisherman use bait with the added feature of colorful spinning blades.

Number Size Color Pricing
JBS-N Small Nickel Blade $2.00
JBM-N Medium Nickel Blade $2.25
JBL-N Large Nickel Blade $2.40
JBS-RW Small Red & White Blade $2.00
JBM-RW Medium Red & White Blade $2.25
JBL-RW Large Red & White Blade $2.40
JBS-CB Small Chart & Black Blade $2.00
JBM-CB Medium Chart & Black Blade $2.25
JBL-CB Large Chart & Black Blade $2.40

Weaver Rig Floats and Pegs

Put your bait where you want it. Add one or two and position them where they are most effective.

5 Floats – 5 Pegs per pack

Number Size Color Pricing
F14-R 1/4″ x 5/8″ Flo Red $1.25
F14-Y 1/4″ x 5/8″ Flo Yellow $1.25
F16-R 5/16 x 11/16″ Flo Red $1.50
F16-Y 5/16 x 11/16″ Flo Yellow $1.50
F38-R 3/8″ x 3/4″ Flo Red $1.70
F38-Y 3/8″ x 3/4″ Flo Yellow $1.70